How to keep your laptop cool in 2022

How to keep your laptop cool? When you’re working with a laptop on your lap, it can get super-hot after an hour or so. Laptops have limited space inside them for airflow so they heat up easily.

 Many people might not even realize how much heat their laptop is putting out until they place it directly on their thighs, and feel that burning sensation. If you have ever been in this situation before, then you know how uncomfortable it can be to be trapped with a hot laptop for hours on end.

Tips on how to keep your laptop cool

Here are the tips for keeping your laptop cool and extending its lifespan. Follow this guide to find out everything you need to know about keeping your laptop from overheating again.

Keeping your laptop cool will extend its lifespan. There are different ways you can do this from ensuring good air circulation around your laptop when using it to using external cooling devices such as fans or cooling pads when gaming or working intensively on it.

Change the laptop’s position to keep your laptop cool:

We know already that heat is the enemy of laptops, desktop PCs, and any other computer that uses an electrical circuit. When your laptop gets hot, it can lead to a performance dip, shorter battery life, and even permanent hardware damage in some cases. To keep your laptop cool change its position after some time. Avoid using it on the bed or sofa. Use it on a table.  Elevate it to a certain safe angle. Avoid carpeted or cushioned surfaces.

Don’t block your laptop’s vents to keep your laptop cool:

Keeping your laptop cool is essential for it to perform optimally and also extend its lifespan.  Keep your laptop clean and in a clean environment because it can affect its performance. Your workplace should not be carpeted. If it is you should make sure that your laptop is clean to prevent its vents from blocking.

When dust or particles clog up the air vents, they block the inner airflow and trap the warmth. Check the vents to peer whether this is the case; they’re commonly located at the sides, again, and beneath the laptop. If you locate that the vents could do with a clean, transfer off and unplug the pc, then use cotton swabs to clean it out. This is an easy tip on how to keep your laptop cool.

Additionally, preserve an eye on the dust build-up, as blocked air vents are a common motive for a laptop overheating. For easier and more thorough cleaning, buy a can of compressed air or a pc vacuum to blow the dirt out.

Turn off unnecessary programs to reduce the load on the processor

When we are using a laptop, we open many programs at the same time. This causes your laptop to drain its battery fast and increases its heat production as too many programs are running in the background.  To keep your laptop cool you should turn off unnecessary programs and services. If multiple applications are open at the same time, do the following:

  • Lower the screen resolution
  • Close any browsers  applications and you are not using
  • Disconnect USB-powered devices

Install a program that monitors CPU usage

If you want to keep your laptop cool, there are software and settings options that can help prevent overheating. Install a program that monitors CPU usage and you can optimize your laptop accordingly. This is an effective tip on how to keep your laptop cool.

Get a cooling pad and HDMI output device

To keep your laptop cool the easiest solution is a laptop cooling mat. This is the accessory that is easily available. It is a flat insert and rests between your laptop and work surface. It draws heat from the laptop’s most active part and draws it away. Many have USB fans.

You can also get an HDMI output device to keep your laptop cool

Use a dark theme to keep your laptop cool

Dark modes are already in the devices, you just need to turn it on to keep your laptop cool. The advantage of the dark mode is that it keeps back energy consumption on devices as it has OLED or AMOLED displays. Each pixel is individually lit on OLED. Whereas, when the background is white, all the pixels are turned on. Eventually, demanding more power and in turn, heats the laptop.

Give your laptop a Break

Shut your laptop down simply and leave it for a few hours. Check after some hours if it is completely cool. If switching it off can make it easy then what else do we want?

This is an easy tip on how to keep your laptop cool.

Turn on your laptop’s built-in fan

In Windows and Linux and probably Mac OS there are small applications that you can install to give you control over your fan if these are not already installed as part of the Manufacturer’s own utility programs.

How to keep your laptop cool: In the BIOS usually, there is an option to control the Fan, on many laptops, this can be accessed by hitting DEL Key or F12 or F8 before the Operating System loads. You can find out what the BIOS setting key is for your laptop by looking at the manufacturer’s website.

how to keep your laptop cool in 2022
Laptop fan: how to keep your laptop cool in 2022

Check for Faulty Fans in your laptop

Whenever you pay attention to extraordinary grinding noises or vibrations from your laptop, this will be a signal that it needs to get replaced. Sometimes the issue fans will die without being aware. If you observed this may motivate the trouble, open the case and spot whether or not any of the enthusiasts have stopped spinning.

  • Add Extra Case Fans to keep your laptop cool

How to keep your laptop cool: Case enthusiasts assist to move air through the pc. They’re small and sufficient to attach to the inner front or lower back of the pc case. A nice way to preserve the laptop cool with the use of case fans is to install one to transport warm air out of the computer and the opposite for transferring cool air in. They’re straightforward to install and plenty less difficult than putting in a CPU fan.

  • Upgrade Your Laptop Fan

Your Central Processing Unit (CPU) is just like the coronary heart of the machine and is probably the touchiest part of your computer; it’s vulnerable to overheating. It comes with its personal fan however commonly; it’s going to need replacing over time.

Upgrading your fan helps to preserve the internal components from overheating in addition to growing the life of different components. They work through dispersing warmness out of your processor over large surface vicinity, cooling it down with air or liquid. Also, learn How to connect AirPods to laptop-android to your Andriod laptops.

Open up some windows of your working space

To keep your laptop cool open up some of the windows of the room and let the air cross. Ventilation can help your laptop to cool down a bit. Keeping your laptop cool is important, especially if you’re going to be using it for extended periods of time.

Dampen the heat with a towel or cloth

Many of us leave our laptops running all day, every day. In fact, some of us might even leave them on overnight as well causing them to overheat and not work properly.  If your laptop is producing more heat than usual take a damp towel that is not too wet and places it under the laptop for some time.

Check the Power Settings

Don’t always use the maximum processor speed instead configure the power setting on your laptop.

How to keep your laptop cool in 2022:

For Windows 10, here’s what you need to do for the power setting:

  1. Start Menu > Select Power
  2. Power & sleep > select Additional power settings.
  3. Now Select >Balanced (recommended).
  4. Then select > Change plan settings.
  5. Select the ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ settings as per your requirements.
  6. Then select > ‘Change advanced power settings.’
  7. Then click Apply and OK > Save changes.

Don’t Use Whilst Charging

Heat is generated with the aid of the internal components, utilization, and charging of the battery. To lessen the temperature, do now not use the computer whilst charging it. Also, check HP Envy 13 (2021) Review; A Better Laptop You Will Love For Just Around $800 to buy the best laptop.

Consider the Room Temperature to keep your laptop cool

The temperature of the environment in which your laptop is being used can also contribute to overheating. When a room is warm it prevents cool air from maintaining the temperatures in the laptop from getting too high. The moisture in bloodless rooms can reason inner condensation and harm the electrical additives.

A room of around 50-ninety-five stages Fahrenheit or 10-35 stages Celsius is a safe temperature range.

A hot laptop is not just annoying; it’s also very dangerous

Extreme heat is something that should never be ignored when it comes to electronic devices. In fact, the heat itself could lead to fires if left unchecked!  Such high temperatures can cause damage to your device and can also pose a fire hazard. So if your laptop has gotten too warm, read on to find out some ways in which you can cool it down again!

A hot laptop will lead to performance issues sooner rather than later, and if left unchecked, it could lead to permanent hardware damage.

Keeping your laptop cool is essential

Keeping your laptop cool is essential because overheating can cause performance issues, shortened battery life, and even permanent hardware damage. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent overheating with the right precautions. If you use your laptop regularly or for extended periods of time, you need to keep it cool in order to avoid any problems.

Laptops are smaller than desktop computers but generate just as much heat when running intensive tasks. Keeping your laptop cool is essential to reducing its risk of failure, helping it last longer and improving its performance.


Keeping your laptop in an area that is warm or hot can cause it to overheat, which will result in performance issues and possibly even permanent damage. Luckily, there are many ways that you can help your laptop stay as cool as possible. Whether you have a Mac or PC, it’s good to learn how to cool down your laptop at home.

Configure your settings to stability the weight on the processor

  • Ensure the air vents are stored smooth
  •   Ensure your pc case is free from obstruction and has a free area all around it
  •   Keep in a room that isn’t too hot
  •   Avoid having your laptop next to a warmth supply or other electric devices
  • Also, recollect the subsequent for highest quality airflow inside the case

Additional information

How Do You Know Your Laptop Is Overheating?

Your pc is probably overheating if it feels hot and does any of the subsequent:

  • Struggles to carry out basic tasks like starting a new browser window
  • The fan starts off evolving to run at full speed for longer and makes loud noises
  • Unexpected or random error messages are displayed
  • The dreaded blue display screen of death is displayed following a fatal gadget error
  • It shuts down

How Do You Know Your Computer Is Overheating?

Similar to a laptop overheating, your pc will do the subsequent:

  • Responds painfully slowly to your enter
  • It all at once shutdown and restarts
  • The case and system lovers turn out to be noisy
  • Air vents get very warm
  • The blue display screen of loss of life seems